Scotlands Referee Red Cards First Minster

Our glorious Yoon leader and outstanding world class soccer linesman up in Sweatiesville today called for Scotland’s First Minister to be red carded ..

Yoon branch manager Dickless Ref said earlier today

” Let’s face it the woman is total pants at football “

She might have a slight grasp of the off side rule ,but would you let her take the last penalty for the Sons of William in a penalty shoot out against the green hooped not of the Free Church rebels ?

No ,Nor would I ..

Well why then should she be allowed to be first Minster of Scotland ? That is why I have brought the question to the attention of FIFA

Some of the richest people in the country along with the Prime Bawbag of the Shires are backing me on this point.

In return I wholeheartedly give my support to the Onion units ‘Jackery blitzkrieg’ on the Sweaties ,even although I am not invited to their Save the Onion meetings .

A real high up member who sits on these cabinet meetings told me that maybe I will get to decide where about  in Sweatiesville at least twenty of our Save the Onion flags will be chosen to fly.

Is that not just fantastic .
High accolade recognition from the top like this just makes my whole life feel so rewarding , worthwhile and justifiable .

Get your free Yoon flag inside this issue

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